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About The Journal

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DELHI-110007 (India)

Plant form and structure have been fascinating subjects of study for generations of botanists.  Even in the present day fever of molecular biology, morphology has remained a basic science. Equipped with better tools and greater ingenuity, fellow botanists are probing into the sub-cellular structure and functions of cell organelles with the result that new dynamic approach is emerging for understanding the relation of plant structure to function. Therefore, it is becoming imperative for the Society to encourage the members to submit papers covering wide variety of interests and aspects of plant sciences for Phytomorphology. 

The International Society of Plant Morphologists was founded in 1951 with the object of promoting international co-operation in the study and diffusion of new knowledge in the fields of descriptive and experimental plant morphology, anatomy and embryology, histochemistry and ultrastructure.  

The Society publishes an international journal of plant morphology entitled PHYTOMORPHOLOGY, which includes original articles and reviews on all aspects of plant morphology, anatomy, embryology, palaeobotany, cytology,  histochemistry,  autoradiography, biotechnology, ecology and pollution, ultrastructure, and genetical control of plant reproductive  structures, SEM studies and tissue culture and morphogenesis. Professor N.S. Rangaswamy edits the journal in collaboration with a board of advisors.